CASp – Certified Access Specialist Program

What is CASp and how does it benefit me?

CASp applies to California only. CASp is a report you receive after completing an ADA PROS inspection. It entitles the owner to a 90 day stay or a temporary halting of all litigation preventing attorneys from engaging in motions, discovery or other activities that compound legal fees. It will also provide the owner an early evaluation conference administered by the courts where both parties will have the opportunity to explore if the lawsuit can be settled.

For example, if the lawsuit is based on an alleged violation that would be easy for the business or property owner to fix and the business or property owner is willing to resolve the issue quickly, the parties will be able to discuss whether further litigation is necessary. Without the possession of a CASp report prior to a lawsuit the business owner or property owner could be faced with expensive legal fees.

Does having a CASp report mean I’m 100% compliant?

No. You receive your CASp Certificate when your business is 100% ADA compliant. However, if you remain current with your ADA upgrades based on the inspection report we provide, having a CASp report will initiate the 90 day stay or temporary halting of litigation.

The background on CASp

On January 1st, 2009 Senate Bill 1608 became law and brought about a voluntary certification program by the state of California regarding construction related disability access issues.

It is a balanced piece of legislation protecting the disabled public and businesses alike. The bill encourages property owners and business owners to take proactive measures in becoming compliant with applicable state and federal requirements. It also clarifies and amends disability access laws to reduce the unwarranted “drive-by” lawsuits that have cost businesses and property owners millions of dollars.

Additionally, it will require the state of California to address the inconsistencies of its codes against the federal codes and propose amendments by December 31, 2010 thus resolving the confusion. (Chris, has the confusion been addressed? You mention December 31, 2010.)

How to get your CASp Report

Call us at 888-375-3134, answer a few questions and agree to the fee for the inspection and report. Our Certified Access Specialist will survey your location and produce a report. We’ll review the report with you to ensure sure you understand its content and plan of action.

If your property is found to be compliant, you will be issued a certificate to be posted. If your property has deficiencies that will not be completed immediately you will be required to produce a document listing the violations and a schedule in which they will be addressed. You will be issued a certificate in a pending status. The report, CASp certificate and document showing the upgrades and timelines is kept on file in case of a lawsuit.