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Don’t let your permitted project become an ADA nightmare!

Are you the landlord planning to re-model or give your existing building or facility a face-lift?  Do you have new tenants moving in or existing tenants preparing for an interior remodel or expansion project soon? If either of these two circumstances apply to you, you need to know that not only does the area being […]

ADA “drive-by scam” devastates Arizona business.

Imagine this … you open your mailbox and find a letter from the IRS stating that you owe $80,000 in back taxes and you’re under audit! How does your stomach feel? Sick?  Like you just ate some bad sushi?  Well, that’s how thousands of Arizona business owners are feeling lately. For all of us Californian […]

ADA Education and Reform Act – Pros and Cons

All of us who work in the commercial retail arena have been dealing with ADA lawsuits for decades. I have personally seen multiple access reform bills come and go while watching the increase in frivolous access suits ravage this country. It is time to hit this problem head on. One bill was introduced in the […]

AB 2093 – California now requires landlords to disclose known ADA violations during lease negotiations.

The concerned call … Recently, I received a phone call from a friend of mine who is the COO for a mid-sized commercial property management company in Central California. He had just received a rather official-looking PDF that was marked “Certified by Legislative Counsel of California” and titled Assembly Bill No. 2093. The document, approved […]

How does the new 2016 CBC affect my CASp Report or drawings?

I absolutely love this time of year as the weather begins to cool and change is in the air! And speaking of changes, did you know that California is introducing the new 2016 California Building Code in January? The 2016 California Building Code becomes enforceable January 1, 2017. While local City and County building departments […]

The definition of “disability” is about to change at the Federal level

In my last article, I said the definition of “disability” in California is more broadly defined than the Federal ADA definition. The Federal definition states that it must “substantially limit” a major life activity whereas the California definition merely states that it need only to “limit” a major life activity. Well, there are new changes […]