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Hey Landlord! Are your exterior common areas ADA compliant?

The majority of monthly newsletters you receive from ADA-PROS are topics that are planned months in advance, but then there are times when we deviate to address timely (and in this case glaring) access issues that exist for most of us in the retail and office industry. Three weeks ago, one of my east coast […]

Does your facility meet current accessibility requirements?

If your building was built prior to 1992, chances are the level of accessibility originally designed and built into your structure does not come close to the current access requirements. Over time, most of the “older existing buildings” undergo multiple remodels, re-fresh or complete new tenant improvement projects. Except for replacement of roofing, flooring, windows, […]

When am I required to make ADA improvements?

Generally, we assume that most, if not all, pre-1990 built commercial buildings have some level of accessibility related issues. But did you know that many post-1990 built commercial buildings do as well? In fact, many commercial properties that were built since 2005 have barriers that should have easily been caught in the plan review stage […]

ADA Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in California

Even though the California Building Code and Federal accessibility standards require that public accommodations and services be made accessible to persons with disabilities, there are currently no specific state codes regulating accessibility for EV charging stations. The Governor’s Office and the Division of State Architect’s have issued accessibility “guidelines” and “best practices” for EV charging […]

Save your business! Update your “Access Policies & Procedures”.

In the world of ADA compliance, facility managers must deal with a lot more than simply ensuring building access.  A plethora of policies, procedures, operational issues, governmental regulations and resulting compliance can — and often does — demand just as much attention. The Federal ADA provides more than design and construction related standards. There are […]

Uncommon barriers and why it costs you nothing to pay attention.

The list of barriers that professional ADA activists look for is growing, and guess what? There seems to be no shortage of properties out there that have barriers that really shouldn’t be there. Over the last six months, I have been conducting an unofficial survey of uncommon barriers that continue to be the “fly in […]

Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal … what’s the difference?

We have all most likely been in a grocery store or a Starbucks and witnessed a customer trying to pass their little dog or even cat off as a “service animal”. I don’t know about you, but this really bugs me, especially when there is a legitimate service animal with their disabled handler close by […]