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Don’t let your permitted project become an ADA nightmare!

Are you the landlord planning to re-model or give your existing building or facility a face-lift?  Do you have new tenants moving in or existing tenants preparing for an interior remodel or expansion project soon? If either of these two circumstances apply to you, you need to know that not only does the area being […]

What apartment owners must know about companion animals.

There are so many “myths and misinformation” regarding companion animals floating around out there, it is no wonder why so many apartment owners and managers get into deep trouble when trying to address this topic with a current or prospective resident. Companion animal rules apply to the resident as well as anyone associated with the […]

Apartment and Condo living on the rise. How Accessible is your property?

As the housing market continues its slow recovery, the need for good clean multifamily housing continues to rise. We are witnessing a spike in new apartment complex construction as well as re-modeled or complete rehabilitation of more distressed properties nationally. Many questions are raised as to what is required by the ADA as well as […]

Uncommon barriers and why it costs you nothing to pay attention.

The list of barriers that professional ADA activists look for is growing, and guess what? There seems to be no shortage of properties out there that have barriers that really shouldn’t be there. Over the last six months, I have been conducting an unofficial survey of uncommon barriers that continue to be the “fly in […]

Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal … what’s the difference?

We have all most likely been in a grocery store or a Starbucks and witnessed a customer trying to pass their little dog or even cat off as a “service animal”. I don’t know about you, but this really bugs me, especially when there is a legitimate service animal with their disabled handler close by […]

The Top Ten: Interior and exterior barriers Apartment Managers could remove today to avoid an ADA lawsuit.

Last month I touched on what Homeowners Association Managers can do to avoid costly ADA lawsuits by unexpectedly inviting the “general public” onto their properties and inadvertently “triggering” ADA requirements that historically have never been a requirement for them. Well many of you in the Rental Housing Industry jumped on the phone or emailed me […]

Valuable ADA resources at your fingertips.

With ADA lawsuits on the rise in this country and the fact that there are many grey areas surrounding the accessibility requirements from state to state, it is more important than ever to have access to multiple sources of information and experts knowledge to cut through the fog. Any Architect, Civil Engineer, Designer or access […]

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing? Fake Service Animals A Growing Problem.

It’s an easy law to break, and thousands of pet owners do it everyday … By strapping a vest or a backpack with a “service animal” mark or emblem to their dog, anyone can bring Fido into stores and restaurants where non-service dogs are normally not allowed. This is creating growing problems for both the […]

2013 California Building Code Changes – Part 4: Parking, Striping, Signage and More.

The new 2013 California Building Code goes into effect in January 2014. As part 4 in a 6-month series on upcoming code changes, I’ll highlight some of the most important changes to the California Building Code before they become enforceable. Generally, we’re looking at the accessible elements called into question during almost every tenant improvement […]

Don’t be “Penny Wise and Pound Foolish” when performing your ADA Project.

It used to be that a property owner or manager could call up their trusted contractor and get them to seal and re-stripe their parking lot without ever having a conversation with the building department. Likewise, there was a time, not to long ago, when you could remove an asphalt built up ramp that cut […]