Why do I need to worry about ADA code compliance?

First, it’s just good business … customers can’t buy from you if they can’t get to you. Second, being ADA compliant will decrease your risk of fines and lawsuits — being proactive about changes can save you money. Doing work nationwide, we’ve found people are more litigious than ever, and it’s easier than ever to file time consuming, costly lawsuits for minor violations. Last, with variations between State and Federal laws, you can be in compliance locally and still be sued for noncompliance with Federal guidelines.

How is ADACC different than other ADA consultants?

We provide thorough exterior and interior evaluations for ADA compliance. Our reports are written so you can understand what’s wrong and how to fix it in simple, plain English. Next, we can provide detailed drawings for the work, provide pre and post construction inspections and even provide you with qualified contractors to do the work.

Doesn’t State law for ADA compliance have to meet Federal accessibility guidelines?

Most people think that would be true. However, the range of adoption can vary significantly. Some states adopt portions of the federal guidelines verbatim, while others may tweak the law’s language, thereby changing the meaning. In some states, the laws are completely altered. Where states do not fully enforce federal guidelines, it’s here that the door lawsuits is opened.

ADACC knows the state codes (in all 50 states) and designs a solution that blends both state and federal guidelines to ensure you are completely compliant.

I’ve already paid for an evaluation through another ADA consultant, and the report I got was useless. Can I move forward with ADACC without having to pay for another evaluation?

ADACC will review your current evaluation and expand on it, without an additional evaluation fee. We will not charge a fee for our services until the planning phase, at which time we will design plans that include all required changes. We can also help you select a qualified contractor to implement those plans … someone who understands ADA reconstruction and will perform the work to our satisfaction.

We are here to help your business succeed, and charging you for a service you’ve already paid for, even if the prior vendor’s work was sub-par, is not going to help you solve the problem and move your business forward.

I don’t own my building? Who is responsible for fixing the ramps and bathrooms in my building?

The owner of the building is responsible for the exterior ADA compliance. In most cases, the owner of the business is responsible for the interior compliance as long as there aren’t existing or structural issues such as counter heights, accessible dining tables, aisles, or restrooms that would fall on the owner.

If the building owner is ignoring the need for exterior accessible upgrades, the business owner should make sure he is held harmless against any actions brought against the building owner for non-compliance. Another way for business owners to protect themselves is to negotiate paying for upgrades directly in front of their business in return for some kind of offset (reduced rent for example) to compensate for the expenditures.

How do I know if the contractor I’ve chosen will be able to do the work and meet accessibility guidelines?

ADACC has developed relationships with qualified contractors who meet our strict standards and are reviewed annually.  Once the work is completed, we will make a final inspection and let you know that it’s okay to release the final payment to the contractor.

If I am sued for non-compliance, can ADACC help me?

Yes, after reviewing the specifics of your case, we can provide you with a plan of action, including providing expert witness testimony.

What is the process to working with ADACC?

Call us at 888-375-3134, and we’ll gather the information needed to inspect the exterior or interior of your building or both.  After confirming the date of our inspection, one of our accessibility consultants will arrive to perform the inspection.  Our detailed “action oriented” report will be sent to you via PDF within 2 weeks of our onsite inspection.

Conversation and questions about your report are free and included in the inspection.  After reviewing the report, we can provide detailed drawings for the work, provide pre and post construction inspections and provide contractor recommendations from our growing list of qualified ADA contractors in areas such as asphalt, concrete, handrails and interior finishes.