Need a place to stay? You’ve got to try Kimpton Hotels!

“Dad, where did you go for four days?” my daughter asked at 1am as I walked in the front door. My youngest daughter Mickey waited up to greet me at the door as I returned from my latest business trip.

Delayed flights and a long super shuttle ride home seem to be a theme for me lately. Five flights over four days in three different states. It’s hard on my family and it takes its toll on me as well, but it is so rewarding at the same time.

I meet so many wonderful people on my business trips but rarely share my experiences with anyone. This last trip really made a positive impact on me, and with so many of my friends, family and clients planning a summer vacation this year, I just had to share.


Besides being on of my clients, I can honestly say that Kimpton Hotels is a great place to stay!

One of my clients is a wonderful hotel chain, that in my opinion, is one of the top three hotels chains in the nation. They care about “everybody” and it shows. It doesn’t matter if you are disabled or not … they treat you like royalty.

I flew out of Austin into Miami, got my rental car and headed for the Epic Hotel by Kimpton. I was provided an ADA roll-in shower room with a view of the water and roof top pool.

This room provided full wheelchair access as well as communication devices built-in for hearing and sight impaired yet it didn’t feel like an ADA room.

I met with Mario the on-site engineer, completed my inspection and flew up to Philadelphia to meet Salvatore the head of engineering for the Hotel Monaco. Again, I was greeted by happy, smiling staff that truly care that you are staying there and want more than anything to make your stay as wonderful as possible.
Everyone from the doorman and front desk staff to the concierge were top notch and made me feel like I was on vacation rather than on a business trip. I got done working rather late that evening and was too tired to go out and eat so I decided to order room service. I love Philly cheese steak sandwiches and since I was in Philly I decided to order one but was told that it wasn’t on the dinner menu. I expressed my disappointment but understood that the kitchen has to change gears between lunch and dinner. The lady taking my order said she was very sorry and that she was going to make it up to me. She had the kitchen make a Philly steak burger and threw in a free bowl of ice cream. I loved It!!

I then flew to New York and met with Tony, the head of engineering for the Muse Hotel. This is a great hotel with the most amazing staff. I was provided first class accommodations and was treated so well I didn’t want to leave.

These are just three of the Kimpton Hotels from my most recent business trip. The truth is, every Kimpton I have stayed at has been wonderful, affordable and accessible.

If you or your friends and family are planning a trip and anyone in your group is disabled, you must consider Kimpton Hotels. After your stay, reach out to me and tell me about your experience.

For more details about ADA requirements for hotels, please read my article below.




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